A functional space does not have to be purely functional, but can also inspire, communicate identity or help create the ambience. The interior design of a space is more than the sum of the individual items of furniture; some chairs and a sofa.

DAVANT creates bespoke seating forms using simple elements. With a different approach to "sitting", we design and produce seating furniture in all forms, colours and materials. Designed in line with and in harmony with the space. Creations which, thanks to their uniqueness and usability, individually or together form an added value. Which not only fill the space, but also complete it, and as a result of which offer more than simply sitting. DAVANT not only provides the space. DAVANT makes the space.

As a producer of contract furniture, DAVANT provides suitable seating solutions for sectors such as education, healthcare, recreation, childcare and the office market. Original, fresh, usable. More than just functional.