Contract furniture and project installation

We create upholstered furniture for our clients – mostly professional furniture installers. These installers help schools, day care centers and others find the right furniture. They then place an order with us, for instance for custom-made lounge sofas.


DAVANT is a small and experienced company (since April 1, 2000!). That’s why we value the often long-standing relationships with our clients. We anticipate their needs and actively support them in finding the best seating arrangements. After all, their customers prefer to receive a quick response as well.


Are you ready to call on our expertise? And jointly find a fitting furniture solution for your customers? Let’s get to know each other – and create custom comfort together! 


First want to see with your own eyes how our furniture brings your space to life? Have a look at some of our previous projects below, ask us for a copy of our price list or visit us to enjoy an interactive showroom tour. Whether it’s a school, an office or a care home, DAVANT products transform your space into a source of inspiration and comfort.